Short range radio modules

Our short range components and software help you achieve a short time-to-revenue with efficient use of your own engineering team. Robustness, security, and flexibility are key, with powerful development tools and a global ecosystem of certification and technical support.

Targeting  various markets from automotive,  telematics, and industrial automation to  smart  cities, smart buildings, and healthcare, our short range wireless offering includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, individually and in combination.

u‑connect, our ready‑to‑use connectivity software makes it easy to integrate Bluetooth and Wi‑Fi while reducing complexity, saving time and cost of development.

Robust, secure, and flexible, our modules are offered in two different architectures: stand‑alone modules featuring an embedded MCU, which runs the driver, stack, and application and come in two variants (u‑connectXpress, and open CPU) and host‑based modules running the stack and applications on an external host processor.


Stand-alone open CPU
Stand-alone u-connect
Our broad Bluetooth portfolio helps you cut your time to revenue by making efficient use of your engineering team. It includes the lastest versions of the technology: Bluetooth low energy, long range, direction finding...
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