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Short Range Radio Modules

u-blox offers short range wireless modules enabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and V2X communication, or a combination of these technologies.

The range consists of stand‑alone modules and host‑based modules. The modules are designed and developed towards the requirements of industrial and automotive electronics. Best‑in‑class performance, close integration with our range of cellular modules and global certification make them the ideal choice for integrators.

For product overviews, please see the short range module line card and the product catalog.

Stand‑alone short range modules

For applications requiring shortest time‑to‑market and maximum ease of integration, u‑blox offers a range of stand‑alone short range modules enabling Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth communication.

The modules include radio, micro controller and software stacks and can host customer applications. Controlled by AT commands, they are fully independent from the OS of the end device. The modules are available in professional grade.


Ultra‑compact stand‑alone Wi‑Fi modules
Stand‑alone Bluetooth low energy modules
ODIN‑W2 series
Stand‑alone IoT gateway modules with Wi‑Fi & Bluetooth
Stand‑alone dual‑mode Bluetooth module series


Host‑based short range modules

For applications requiring highest performance and a maximum of integration flexibility, u‑blox offers a range of host‑based short range modules enabling Wi‑Fi, Bluetooth or V2X communication.

Small form factors, best‑in‑class radio performance as well as driver support for multiple operating systems make them the ideal choice for demanding applications. The modules are available in professional and automotive grade.

Host-based modules with Wi-Fi 2x2 MIMO 802.11ac and dual-mode Bluetooth
Host-based multiradio modules with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Host-based multiradio module series with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
LILY-W1 modules
Ultra-compact host-based Wi-Fi modules
Host-based V2X transceiver module