Partners and Alliances

In the complex world that is the IoT, companies need to work together to bring value to the customer; at u-blox we work with different types of partners to do this.

We categorise our partners into four segments: Design Partners, Solution Partners, Technology Partners and our industry Alliances.

Technology Partners.  

Companies which provide complementary technologies which when combined with u-blox technology provide greater value to customers and their applications. These range from antenna manufacturers to enterprise software vendors. 


These are organizations who represent industry accepted formats and standards to which we adhere to. 

Design and Solution Partners 

Our products and services form only part of an overall solution.  In many cases our partners are responsible for integrating them into device designs and cloud applications.  We support two types of partner in our official Partner Program; Design Partners and Solution Partners. 

Design Partners invest in understanding how our products and services work and engage in proactive consultative design and development with their own customers and those which u-blox have introduced to them. 

Solution Partners focus more on the overall enterprise application development, integrating data feeds from our Thingstream Service Delivery Platform into 3rd party cloud applications through a consultative approach with enterprise customers; we often introduce Solution Partners to appropriate Design Partners enabling a u-blox powered full stack solution to be delivered to an enterprise customer.

Technology Partners
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