Driving innovation. Connecting the world.

Our relentless focus on innovation helps our customers do incredible things. By continually pushing the boundaries of technology, improving efficiency and accelerating time-to-market, we create products and services that give our customers a crucial edge over their competitors. And this sets us apart, too.

Innovation in numbers

Innovation at our core

Nothing demonstrates our commitment to innovation more than our pledge to spend considerable amounts into research and development (R&D) work in our 18 centers around the world. We have continued to expand the teams across these centers, actively seeking the best talent available. We are complementing our own skills with those of partner organizations, further pushing the boundaries of technology through collaborations and joint ventures. And we are working with universities and research institutions, funding carefully selected R&D projects related to our products and services.

Holistic innovation

Through our continuous R&D work, we are always looking for new and better ways to design, manufacture, distribute and maintain our products. This comprehensive approach is what enables us to offer better-value modules that are generally smaller, more integrated and easier to use than our competitors’ in many areas. It gives us ever-greater control over the cost, quality, reliability and availability of our products. And critically, innovation in areas such as our Five Principles of Security (which includes our Secure Boot service or updating critical software securely over the air) is helping us provide the security assurances our customers (and theirs) are demanding from their connected devices, without compromising the ease of use of our products.