Positioning chips and modules

Our positioning modules, SiPs, chips, and antennas set the benchmark in performance, with quick delivery of accurate position data. Our wide portfolio includes standard precision, high precision, precise timing, and dead reckoning solutions.

u-blox is a leading provider in GNSS solutions that are tailored for every customer’s needs. Because we use our own silicon IP, we can offer controlled quality, high performance, quick support, and stable product life cycles. u-blox offers position and time products for in-car navigation systems, time synchronization for cellular base stations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and for people and asset tracking. Our products set the benchmark for performance and cost-effectiveness, with innovative advancements in accuracy, anti-spoofing, power efficiency, small size, and low cost.

For product overviews, please see the GNSS module and System in Packages (SiPs) line card, the GNSS chip line card, and the GNSS module overview and SiP overview.

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