IoT Location-as‑a‑Service

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We provide IoT Location-as-a-Service

IoT Location-as-a-Service provides reliable and fast location information and delivers accurate assistance and error correction data for constrained IoT devices, even in challenging conditions, with the highest levels of availability and delivery quality.

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u-blox services are delivered by the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform.



PointPerfect is a PPP-RTK GNSS correction data service that delivers centimeter-level accuracy in seconds on a continental scale. Reach mass market with precise positioning solutions that are accurate, reliable, and easy to use.

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accelerated calculation of position by assisted GNSS


AssistNow provides real-time online Assisted-GNSS backed by our warranty and support. Accelerate GNSS time to first fix and lower power consumption. Integration is easy.

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u-blox CloudLocate


CloudLocate brings power autonomy to constrained IoT devices by off-loading positioning calculation to the cloud, using 10% power of a standalone GNSS fix. Works with every connectivity, optimized for low bandwidth.

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cell tower


CellLocate is a robust network-based location service, making position available in areas where GNSS is poor or absent, ready to use as it is pre-integrated u-blox cellular and Wi-Fi hardware.

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highway in the night


Safe positioning service composed of an ISO 26262-certified safe correction service and safe on-board position engine software, both already on the road today.

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IoT Location-as-a-Service use cases

cargo ship at sea with containers

Trailer and intermodal cargo container tracking

Automated freight monitoring and tracking of cargo containers and unit load devices (ULDs) transiting on roads, on rail, at sea, and in the air improves the efficiency of logistics operations, allowing to detect and swiftly address delays and other unforeseen challenges.

motorway from birds eye view

Supply chain optimization, asset monitoring, cold chain

Businesses are only as resilient as their supply chains. Supply chain optimization, asset monitoring, and cold chain tracking can help your business meet delivery deadlines, quality and service levels, and customer expectations.

cow stood in sunny field

IoT tracking for livestock monitoring

Let IoT trackers be your digital shepherd, freeing up time and resources for you to focus on the rest of your business. Wearable IoT tracking devices transfer the real-time location of your livestock to your local or cloud-based livestock management platform, allow you to detect changes in the behavior of each individual animal, and pave the way for fenceless farming.

Heavy machine control

Heavy machine control

High precision positioning and correction services enable scalable solutions for machine autonomy to accelerate operations and protect workers

Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture

Increase agricultural productivity and protect the environment with tractor autosteering, remote vehicle control, and drone surveying.

Autonomous mobile robots

Autonomous mobile robots

Enable reliable operation of autonomous mobile outdoor robots with integrity-focused solutions that integrate out-of-the-box sensor fusion.


Advanced Driving

Imagine traveling without steering your vehicle’s wheel. With the automated driving, imagination becomes reality.

Robotic lawn mowers

Robotic lawn mowers

Leverage our high precision GNSS solutions to transform today’s fleet of commercial mowers into tomorrow’s autonomous machines and to solve the business challenges of the landscaping industry.

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