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With u-safe, u-blox aims to revolutionize safe positioning by merging safety and automation while offering an affordable solution

Autonomous driving promises to revolutionize the automotive industry.While humans deal with risks on a daily basis, every accident involving an autonomous vehicle has enormous implications. Assuring safety then becomes paramount.

Safe positioning means providing a high-accuracy and high-integrity positioning solution that complies with functional safety requirements.

u-safe is a pre-certified ISO-26262/ASIL-B end-to-end positioning solution designed to accelerate the adoption of autonomous vehicles. It comprises a correction service and on-board positioning engine already deployed on the road today, providing high-performance and reliable lane positioning for leading global OEMs. Together with our functional safety chipset and custom integration expertise, u-safe offers an end-to-end solution aimed at future-proofing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) architectures.

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Solution overview

u-blox and GMV joined forces to deliver cutting-edge safe positioning solutions for automotive applications.

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Solution benefits

A unique combination of proven market-leading components that offer an end-to-end solution for safe vehicle positioning.

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Use cases:

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Relying on this conditional automation system, passengers can keep their hands and eyes off the road, disengaging from driving tasks and transferring decision-making responsibilities. Reliable detection of the surroundings is therefore crucial. u-safe contributes to providing the necessary reliability to the vehicle and the surrounding environment.
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ADL4 and ADL5:
Safety will be essential for these highly and fully automated vehicles as they will operate without a driver or even human supervision. On highways, AD L4 vehicles, such as long-haul trucks, are expected to transport goods and assets over long distances safely. In cities, AD L5 vehicles will enable mass-market mobility services (MaaS), including bicycle sharing, electric scooter sharing, and ride sharing, as well as package delivery by robots. For this to happen, u-safe will be a leading solution in facilitating the necessary safety tools these vehicles require.


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