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Our world is moving fast, soon your car will drive itself and you will carry your doctor in  your pocket. Your home will power the grid and you will be connected like never before. At u-blox we are setting the beat delivering the core technology to locate and wirelessly connect people, machines and everything else making us the agile and reliable partner that will take you beyond expectations.

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Mission and vision

With our innovative products and services, we empower customers to locate their devices and connect them from silicon to cloud.

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Ever since three bright ETH doctorate students and their professor founded u-blox in 1997, two things have driven everything we do: a desire to innovate and a constant focus on giving our customers a real competitive edge.

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Whether it’s in our product design, our employees’ skills, our relationships with our customers, or our commitment to sustainability, quality is our byword. We strive for excellence in all we do.


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By continually pushing the boundaries of technology , improving efficiency and accelerating time-to-market, we create products and services that give our customers a crucial edge over their competitors. Let's just say we innovate so you can go beyond imagination.



It's true- we are leaders in wireless communication and positioning technology. We belong to a generation of innovative pioneers and our worldwide presence gives us vital local knowledge of our key markets.

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We envision a smart, precise, and sustainable future and are innovating to make it happen.

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