NINA-B50 series (open CPU)

Stand-alone Bluetooth 5.3 low energy modules

Bluetooth LE 5.3 module for automotive and professional applications

  • Professional grade modules support Thread, Zigbee, and Matter
  • FlexCAN and LIN bus interfaces for automotive grade modules
  • Powerful Cortex-M33 with open CPU architecture for customized applications
  • Full set of enhanced security features with NXP EdgeLock
  • Extended temperature range up to 85 °C or 105 °C
  • Global certification
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Product variants


Bluetooth Low Energy Module, stand-alone, antenna pin, open CPU 10.0x11.6 mm, 500 pcs/reel


Automotive grade Bluetooth Low Energy module with open CPU and pin for external antenna. Under development.


Bluetooth Low Energy Module, stand-alone, PCB antenna, open CPU 10.0x15.0 mm, 500 pcs/reel


Automotive grade Bluetooth Low Energy module with open CPU and internal PCB antenna. Under development.

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Product variantsNINA-B501ANINA-B506ANINA-B501NINA-B506
Bluetooth qualificationsv5.3 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Chip insideKW45K32W148
Bluetooth output power EIRP [dBm]13
Maximum number of connections24
Maximum Bluetooth range [m]1400
Bluetooth profiles and servicesBluetooth GATT
Operation modeStandalone module open CPU
MCUCortex-M33 and -M3 and -M0+
RAM [kB]128 kB + 88 kB (application + network cores)
Flash [kB]1024 kB + 256 kB (application + network cores)
UART x 2
SPI x 2
I2C x 2
GPIO x 29
ADC x 16
PWM x 2
Maximum supply [V]3.6
Minimum supply [V]1.7
Maximum temperature [°C]10585
Minimum temperature [°C]-40
Arm TrustZone-M
Bluetooth Channel Sounding-ready
Bluetooth long range (coded PHY)
On-the-fly flash encryption
Secure boot and updates
Secure FOTA
Security Root of Trust
Simultaneous GATT server and client
802.15.4 Thread / Zigbee-
Dual-PAN HW support-
AntennasAntenna pinInternal PCB antennaAntenna pinInternal PCB antenna
Dimensions [mm]10 x 11.6 x 2.410 x 15 x 2.410 x 11.6 x 2.410 x 15 x 2.4
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