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Rigado bluetooth modules

We acquired Rigado‘s module business

The acquisition complements u-blox’s commitment for an extended Bluetooth product offering and adds access to new sales channels and market segments.

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For a better, safer connected world.

Imagine a connected world in which devices communicate securely, sensitive data is kept safe, and cyber threats are kept at bay. Welcome to the future we’re forging.

SARA-R5 module

Redefining IoT security

Setting new standards in IoT security with 5G-ready cellular module for low power wide area IoT applications

What drives the Building Internet of Things?

Do you talk to your home? And more importantly, does it listen? Today, these questions reflect reality in millions of households around the world, as the Internet of Things expands into – and enables – a new generation of smart, connected buildings.

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Wireless Made Easy

“Wireless” is not a technology – it’s a commitment. It’s not about what works. It’s about how well it works. Read more

ZED-F9K dead reckoning module

ZED-F9K module

Continuous Lane Accuracy Positioning GNSS under the most challenging conditions. It is the first product variant with multi-band RTK and dead reckoning integrated on a module, producing decimeter-level positioning accuracy within seconds.