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Introduction to Bluetooth high precision indoor positioning

White Paper: Getting started with high precision indoor positioning

Our latest white paper provides an introduction to Bluetooth high precision indoor positioning, explores what is needed to implement solutions, and presents lessons learned trialing the technology in an industrial warehouse. Read more


u-center 2: customizable, intuitive, easy to use

The next generation of u-center offers an optimized user experience with personalized workspaces and adaptive window elements. Read more


u‑blox reports H1 2021 financial results

"We published our 2021 half year results today, with solid results in all regions. Here you can find the 2021 half year report." Thomas Seiler Read more


u-blox solutions for industrial tracking

Track your assets in real-time with IoT supply chain monitoring for increased revenue, efficiency, fraud and tampering detection, and peace of mind. Read more


NEO-M9L: Reliable performance in extreme conditions

Continuous accurate positioning performance in all signal environments with an operating temperature range of up to 105° C Read more

UAV flying over the mountains

PointPerfect: Centimeter-level GNSS positioning

The PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service provides real-time, verified, and scalable high precision positioning solutions to consumer, industrial, and automotive applications Read more