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Telematics data transforms the driving experience: the road to holistic connectivity

In the growing market demand for vehicle connectivity, advanced safety solutions and the capturing of real-time data at a lower cost is driving the production of more telematics-enabled vehicles than ever before. These types of vehicles are equipped with telematics systems and control units so they can seamlessly connect with various services around them.  

For instance, eCall automatically alerts emergency services in the event of an accident by utilizing telematics data. V2X communication enables vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication to improve safety and road efficiency. Over-the-air updates allow for an unprecedent availability of new software features in cars, such as smartphone integration. Map streaming enables consistently updated map information, enhancing the user experience for navigation, among other benefits. A wide range of use cases is facilitated through connectivity. 

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Due to its increasing prevalence, it's expected that around 95% of vehicles worldwide will have built-in connectivity by the end of this decade. With this high percentage in mind, the experience provided by the comprehensive telematics solution should be fully immersive and connected, resembling that of smartphones. Achieving these improvements requires collaboration among stakeholders, including automakers, logistics providers, and vehicle insurers. 

u-blox offers a comprehensive range of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity solutions that support telematic use cases, including OEM updates and map downloads. Additionally, our best-in-class positioning solutions are specifically tailored for V2X and eCall applications, making them particularly well-suited for new centralized and zonal architectures. 

Key use cases for vehicle telematics

person using emergency call button in a car

Emergency calls (eCall SOS)

Emergency call systems, such as eCall, automatically place a voice call to the relevant emergency number in the event of a car accident. Additionally, they provide relevant information about the vehicle’s location, direction of travel, and other vital parameters related to the incident. 


Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication

V2X communication enables vehicles to interact autonomously with other cars, roadside units, and the cloud to exchange telematics data, such as relevant traffic, events, and status information. This technology facilitates value-adding services like early warnings, pre-crash information gathering, and traffic flow optimization.

car with a huge touchscreen

Software-defined vehicle

The connectivity component of the telematics system becomes even more critical with the emergence of the software-defined vehicle. This advancement expands the vehicle's capabilities, reducing the necessity for expensive recalls, and recreates the user experience we have with our smartphones. 

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