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Cellular evaluation software for Windows


  • Interactive and easy to use
  • Access to main functionality and configuration parameters
  • Learn AT commands using the GUI interfaces thanks to embedded AT Terminal
  • Trace GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE module activity
  • PIN, call, and SMS management
  • Communication with u‑blox GNSS modules
  • Free of charge
m-center evaluation software

    The m‑center cellular evaluation software is a powerful and easy to use tool for evaluating, configuring, and testing of u‑blox cellular modules. It includes an intuitive, easy to understand and easy to use graphical interface. m‑center is available free‑of‑charge. m‑center provides a convenient means to configure u‑blox cellular modules and save the configuration in the module EPROM. It is also possible to view and edit SIM phonebook entries, send text messages, and communicate with the wireless module using AT commands. m‑center can be used to restore the cellular module’s factory default settings and to perform traces. In addition, when using u‑blox cellular evaluation kits, m‑center allows for simple communication with the onboard GNSS module.

    Product Summary

    m-center Product Summary


    239 KB

    Interface Manual

    u-blox AT Commands Manual


    9.69 MB

    Evaluation Software

    m-center for Windows, version 2.0.0


    1.45 MB


    Cellular Modules Line Card


    394 KB
    u-blox cellular module overview


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