Wireless connectivity software for u-blox short range radio modules


  • Accelerated time to market for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Secure IoT delivered out-of-the box
  • Pre-flashed at delivery for efficient production
  • Portability and re-use of applications is enabled across products and technologies
  • Easy-to-use command API with zero programming
Short Range
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Go wireless in no time

u-connectXpress software for u-blox short range stand-alone modules makes it easy to integrate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity into new and existing products. u-connectXpress accelerates the time-to-market by providing ready-to-use software to manage connectivity behind the scenes, reducing complexity of development.

u-connectXpress architectureu-connectXpress: Easy to use command API with zero programming

u-connectXpress integrates connectivity through an extensive command API using industry standard AT commands together with u-blox additions that are common across u-blox products, thus enabling portability. The software, first developed over 15 years ago, has evolved to provide a rich and stable feature set.

Secure IoT

Security is fundamental for IoT systems. Secure boot ensures that the module only boots up with original certified u-connectXpress software, thus preventing malicious attacks. Additionally, u-connectXpress supports a high level of link and data security with support for Wi-Fi enterprise security (EAPTLS), IP end-to-end security (TLS) and LE secure connections for Bluetooth.

u-connect streams enabling IoT

u-connectXpress is based on the unique u-connect streams concept by u-blox. This enables efficient management of data flows from wireless and physical interfaces, providing flexibility and excellent performance.

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