IoT service delivery platform


Thingstream is the u-blox service delivery platform for:

  • IoT Communication-as-a-Service
  • IoT Location-as-a-Service

u-blox services are delivered by the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform.

u-blox Thingstream makes IoT easy

Thingstream is a cloud-based delivery platform and administration interface for enterprise IoT services. The Thingstream platform comprises IoT connectivity, security, enterprise-grade MQTT broker, visual programming, simple enterprise integration, and support for u-blox global positioning hardware.

Managed services:

IoT Communication-as-a-Service

Bearer-agnostic connectivity and management for cellular, LoRaWAN, and IP-based IoT devices.

Find out more about IoT Communication-as-a-Service

IoT Location-as-a-Service

Improving accuracy and providing increased location reliability and enhanced GNSS positioning indoors.

Find out more about IoT Location-as-a-Service


  • Connect everything - Easily connect and manage IoT devices, APIs and online services
  • Data Flow Manager - Decision making and data management at the network edge with a simple drag-and-drop programming interface
  • Simple enterprise integration - Ready-made connectors for cloud-based services including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, TIBCO eFTL and more
  • Enterprise-ready fully-scaleable live environment - Reliable, robust scaling with all of the hard work taken out


For information on u‑blox Services pricing, please see our pricing page.

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