High precision autonomous machines

Cost-effective, scalable centimeter-level positioning and global connectivity solutions are creating new markets in precision agriculture, heavy machine control, and autonomous mobile robots.

Over the past century, mechanization has transformed countless industries including agriculture, construction, and mining, driving up productivity and increasing output. Today, the adoption of IoT technology, which has already proven its potential to increase the speed, safety, and reliability of operations in high-value applications, is ready to go mainstream.

At u-blox, we are committed to innovation in precision agriculture, construction, and outdoor robotics, and enabling new markets through our investment in cutting edge chipsets and services that offer cost-effective, scalable centimeter-level positioning accuracy.

Across these applications areas, our modular, cost-competitive, and highly interoperable solutions for high precision positioning, short-range and cellular wireless communication, and cloud location services bring measurable benefits, including:

  • Improved resource efficiency and productivity.
  • Fewer errors, leading to higher quality.
  • Increased safety for workers and the public.
  • More time for higher-value tasks.

Read on to find out how we have leveraged decades of experience working with the automotive and industrial sectors to enable ultra-reliable high precision positioning solutions that require minimal integration efforts.

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Benefits of IoT in heavy machine control, precision agriculture, and outdoor robotics

High precision control of tractors and other heavy equipment

Centimeter-level positioning accuracy and precision steering guidance for semi- or fully automated vehicle control increase the operational safety of outdoor robotics, ensuring that vehicles do not stray outside their designated areas and keeping them on precisely optimized trajectories.

Improvements in terms of efficiency, safety, and ease of operation

Optimizing the vehicles’ trajectories lets farmers save seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides and reduce soil compaction. Operators of heavy machinery gain increased safety, less hands-on operation, and, in some use cases, reduced requirements in terms of driver qualifications.

Real-time reporting of decision-making data

In-field sensing combined with ultra-precise time and location data enables AI-supported real-time decision making, in particular for complex decisions based on a large number of inputs.

Preventive maintenance

Processing sensor data and telematics data using artificial intelligence and machine learning offer new insights into the condition of the equipment, making it possible to predict when maintenance is necessary.

High precision autonomous machines

Because of their considerable cost, high precision autonomous machines are expected to operate reliably, with maximum availability, and a predictable return on investment. Common requirements include the following:

u-blox strengths in high precision autonomous vehicles

u-blox has proven its strengths and capabilities in this challenging market with deployed solutions in precision agriculture, heavy machinery, and autonomous vehicle guidance.


u-blox high precision autonomous machines - strengths
the excavator operator checks his positions on the tablet

Heavy machine control

High precision positioning and correction services enable scalable solutions for machine autonomy to accelerate operations and protect workers.

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autonomous tractor plowing the field

Precision agriculture

Increase agricultural productivity and protect the environment with tractor autosteering, remote vehicle control, and drone surveying.

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autonomous delivery robots crossing the street

Autonomous mobile robots

Enable reliable operation of autonomous mobile outdoor robots with integrity-focused solutions that integrate out-of-the-box sensor fusion.

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Our experts are here to answer your questions
about u-blox offerings for precision agriculture.

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