We envision a smart, precise, and sustainable future and are innovating to make it happen.

Integral to our business strategy

Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy and is reflected in our new company vision: “The future with us is precise, smart, and sustainable.” We are inspired and highly motivated to act upon our commitment to sustainability in alignment with our belief that our business focus: the Internet of Things (IoT) positively impacts the world. We do business with integrity, care for our employees and communities, protect our planet for future generations and are committed to producing our products ethically and responsibly. And together with our innovative customers and partners, we are addressing many of humanity’s challenges with beneficial

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Our technologies positively impact 13 out of 17 SDGs 

We are committed to the SDGs, the global framework for our most pressing economic, societal, and environmental needs. As a global company, we are convinced that we have a responsibility and role to help achieve these goals. Our technology enables our customers to deliver solutions that address most of the 17 goals.

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Our Key action areas

ESG strategy

Our sustainability strategy is based on five pillars: Business Ethics, Privacy, and Data Security, People and Communities, Environmental Responsibility, Responsible Supply Chain, and u-blox Innovations. It is designed to ensure sustainability considerations feed into our actions.

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Our sustainability strategy and key areas of ESG action

Shaped by the 10 UNGC principles and the 17 SDGs, our sustainability strategy and ESG action areas feature 14 material topics grouped into five pillars that are based on our materiality matrix in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

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Business Ethics, Privacy, and Data Security

We believe in doing business the right way. Conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity – and maintaining high standards around privacy and data security – is essential if we are to win and maintain the respect of our customers, investors, business partners, and the communities where we operate.

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People & Communities

Our strength comes from our people. We strive to give our employees an environment in which to collaborate, innovate, learn, and grow. We encourage diversity, promote a culture of inclusion and we care for our employees’ health and safety. We believe in building sustainable communities around the world and collaborate and support them in many ways.

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Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to protecting our planet for future generations. We will do this by continually seeking ways to make the use and impact of our products as well as our operations even more environmentally friendly.

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Responsible Supply Chain

As a fabless company it is our responsibility to ensure we create our products in ways that do not harm individuals, communities, or the environment and that minerals and other materials are sourced in compliance with regulatory requirements.

u-blox Innovations

u-blox Innovations

Our IoT products, services, and solutions are embedded into millions of devices designed by our customers and partners around the world. Many of them have a positive impact on sustainability, e.g., the environment, and improve communities’ health and well being. Through our continuous R&D work, we are always looking for new and better solutions, better ways to develop, manufacture, distribute, and maintain our products.

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No Isolation’s “warm” education technology for inclusion

u-blox and No Isolation began working together 10 years ago on the robotic avatar AV1 designed to enable children who cannot leave home because of long-term illness to join in school lessons, parties, and other activities in and out of the classroom. 

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Running so others can breathe

uGive funding sponsors employees who wish to participate in a worthwhile cause, like Martin Leach,
u-blox Senior Director, Head of Product Center Cellular, and uGive volunteer.  Martin recently ran the London Marathon to raise money for The Asthma and Lung charity in the UK.

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772,000 people can access clean water

Continuing with their successful partnership, u-blox and charity: water are leveraging the power of IoT to keep clean water flowing for 772,000 people living in remote parts oft he world.

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Lasting sustainable impact with a trusted partner

It’s been 13 years since u-blox and ADES began their longstanding partnership. u-blox remains inspired by the outstanding, sustainable impact that the relatively small but powerful ADES teams in both Madagascar and Switzerland are having on the island and our planet.

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The u-blox misconduct reporting mechanism:

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