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MQTT Anywhere

IoT Communication-as-a-Service SIM-based LPWA


IoT communication service operating across 600+ cellular network carriers in 190 countries around the world without the need for cellular data.

  • Enables long-life, low-power devices
  • Simplifies IoT systems integration
  • Fixed, low-cost, global connectivity
  • Globally ubiquitous, seamless roaming
MQTT Anywhere IoT Communication-as-a-Service

    u‑blox services are delivered by the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform.

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    MQTT-SN cellular IoT with carrier-grade MQTT broker

    Supporting 2G, 3G, LTE, and LTE-M, MQTT Anywhere can be used within any type of IoT device to send and receive MQTT-SN (MQTT for sensor networks) messages using either USSD or UDP protocols as a transport mechanism.

    MQTT Anywhere secures your IoT communications. Because our systems are directly integrated into the core of our partner cellular networks, we can authenticate devices via the hardware IoT SIM card, ensuring that your traffic is never exposed to the public internet.

    Device payloads can be enriched and transformed using the Data Flow Manager within u‑blox Thingstream, which also provides integration with virtually any 3rd party enterprise system or IoT platform.

    For information on u‑blox services pricing, please see our detailed pricing page.

    MQTT Anywhere pricing is based on number of MQTT messages used per month. There are four plans available:





    ✓ 500 MQTT-SN messages per Thing, per month ✓ 2,000 MQTT-SN messages per Thing, per month ✓ 5,000 MQTT-SN messages per Thing, per month ✓ 12,000 MQTT-SN messages per Thing, per month
    ✓ cellular network connectivity ✓ cellular network connectivity  ✓ cellular network connectivity ✓ cellular network connectivity






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