AWS IoT ExpressLink Modules

Introducing the u-blox/AWS IoT ExpressLink

Connecting IoT devices to the cloud is often challenging for many applications. Common hurdles include access, security, and authentication, tasks typically managed by a central processor. And in the pursuit of cost optimization, some IoT devices may lack the resources to handle the additional code needed for cloud connectivity.

The challenge can be even more daunting for smaller companies with limited R&D resources and IoT expertise. Here’s where u-blox AWS IoT ExpressLink modules come into play. These modules offer a seamless connection to the AWS core and access to over 200 services, unlike standard IoT modules that merely provide internet access.

u-blox AWS IoT ExpressLink modules simplify the process for customers by providing direct access to their AWS account with built-in access and authentication management. The embedded AWS IoT ExpressLink software handles tasks such as provisioning and security, eliminating the need to integrate additional APIs on customers’ MCUs.

Our SARA-R510AWS and NORA-W2 AWS IoT ExpressLink modules easily integrate with AWS cloud services by sending a few commands from the host MCU. This plug-and-play approach dramatically speeds up time to market and enables device and fleet management right out of the box.

Graphic showing the benefits of AWS IoT ExpressLink

AWS IoT ExpressLink is a breakthrough in speed and simplicity. Devices can connect to the cloud through a reduced set of commands.

With u-blox AWS IoT ExpressLink modules, product developers can easily configure, deploy, and link devices to cloud services without requiring specialized expertise in IoT product development, networking, or certification management.

The benefits?

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Enable wireless connectivity immediately
  • Secure IoT with certificate management
  • Facilitate hardware and software integration
  • Gain easy access to more over 200 AWS cloud services

The SARA-R510AWS cellular communication and the NORA-W2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are among the very first to offer AWS IoT ExpressLink.


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