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u-locate is the comprehensive RTLS solution designed to help you track assets' locations accurately.

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What is RTLS?

Real-time locating systems (RTLSs) automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real time. These systems are designed for indoor applications, typically those intended to localize items within a building or enclosed area.

An RTLS is a multi-layered solution that includes both hardware and software components.

u-locate: u-blox’s RTLS comprehensive solution

Thanks to its components, including software and hardware, u-blox’s RTLS solution accurately calculates indoor locations.

u-locate: schematic of u-blox rtls comprehensive solution

One significant advantage of this solution is that some components can be customized independently to integrate with other solutions.

Overview of components:

u‑locateHubThis is the leading omlox™ locating middleware of u-locate. It offers easy integration and distribution, flexible deployment, and independence from any location technology.
u‑locateEngineThe u-blox positioning engine complies with omlox™. Its well-documented API platform includes several APIs for real-time positioning and configuration. The positioning engine also offers easy installation and maintenance.
u‑locateAnchorThe anchor point, also known as the locator, includes our ANT-B10 Bluetooth LE Antenna board and is housed in a water resistant and durable case. It enables connection via Wi-Fi (either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz), Ethernet, and NFC and is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) and USB-C. The anchor point can be freely oriented or fixed to ceilings and walls.
u-locateTagHighly configurable Bluetooth LE AoA tags with long battery life.
u‑locateEmbedEmbedded software developed by u-blox that runs on all u-locate hardware components.
ANT-B10Self-contained Bluetooth Low Energy board for direction finding and indoor positioning.
ANT-B11Compact Bluetooth Low Energy angle-of-arrival antenna and sensor board.
s-center 2The support tool that helps you configure the u-locate solution.


How it works:

The system enables efficient asset monitoring and management through interconnected components. Attached to the assets, u-locateTag transmits location data to u-locateAnchor. This mounted infrastructure communicates angle, distance, and other data to u-locateEngine, the software that processes data from the tags to calculate their position. u-locateHub manages the information from the engine. Finally, the Remote System provides an interface designed for end users to monitor and manage their assets.

u-locate: schematic presenting how u-locate solution works
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How to select:

The application landscape illustrated in the table above is vast. u-locate adapts to various indoor positioning scenarios depending on specific needs. Below is a condensed list of options to give you a taste of its potential. 

Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Scenario 3

A complete end-to-end indoor positioning solution.

u-locate: scenario 1 - a complete end-to-end indoor positioning solution

“I'm looking for a comprehensive location positioning solution that reduces time-to-market and requires minimal development.”

u locateHub is the u-blox locating middleware built on top of the u-locate solution. Based on the omlox™ standard, it minimizes your efforts, allowing you to focus on your application.

Solution benefits

u-locate: key highlights


u-locate: warehouse full of packages

Logistics and warehouse

When you apply asset tracking to logistics, you can reduce search time to track assets, employees, vehicles, and other resources, improve asset storage location and routing, manage inventory efficiently, decrease the risk of lost assets, automate documentation processes, and enforce security zones with alerts.

u-locate: smart building in the night

Smart buildings

The goal of RTLS is to streamline the movement and tracking of objects and people to reduce operating costs, maximize sustainability efforts by reducing energy and material waste, and increase safety for people in the building.

u-locate: car assembly line

Industrial automation and monitoring

u-locate helps improve operational efficiency and enables higher-level use cases such as automated inventory management and optimized factory workflows. It also reduces costs by monitoring equipment and machinery utilization and by automating documentation of machinery inspections and staff safety.

u-locate: nurse and the patient in the room full of medical equipment


Looking for a solution to track the whereabouts of medical equipment, medications, staff, and even patients? u-locate helps you reduce asset search time and redundant equipment inventory, understand where and when critical medical equipment is being used, and limit patient roaming or access to restricted areas.

u-locate: cow with the tracker

Livestock management

u-locate balances accuracy, cost, and power consumption, making it an ideal solution for monitoring livestock health and behavior. Supported by our range of livestock tracking devices, you can track and monitor livestock and access data on location and movement history, speed, geofencing, inactivity alerts, and more.

u-locate: delivery robot on the street

Mobile robotics

RTLS plays a critical role in enhancing the performance of mobile robotic systems by providing accurate real-time location information. It supports fleet management, task allocation, inventory management, and collaboration of mobile robots. 

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