Cloud-based MQTT integration for IP devices


  • Comprehensive publish/subscribe data management for enterprise
  • MQTT 3.1.1 compliant
  • Carrier-grade, industrialized auto-scaling system
  • Simple pricing based only on the consumption of MQTT messages
  • Advanced Data Flow Manager for building logical data flows and enrichment of IoT data for upstream systems
  • Pre-integrated into mainstream IoT and enterprises systems
  • Multiple levels of QoS (quality of service) for assured message delivery

u-blox services are delivered by the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform.


MQTT Now - enterprise grade MQTT broker and connectivity

MQTT Now is a carrier-grade MQTT broker with unique data enrichment and management capability for enterprise IoT deployments. MQTT Now enables IoT devices that require TCP-IP communication.

For information on u‑blox services pricing, please see our pricing page.


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MQTT Now pricing is based on the number of MQTT messages used per month. There are three plans available:




✓ 1,000 MQTT messages per IP Thing✓ 20,000 MQTT messages per IP Thing✓ 100,000 MQTT messages per IP Thing
✓ Up to 10 IP Things✓ Unlimited IP Things✓ Unlimited IP Things
✓ Capped at 1,000 MQTT messages/month✓ $1 per block of 20,000 MQTT messages✓ $3 per block of 100,000 MQTT messages




*IP Things are devices and applications connected to u-blox Thingstream using IP-based communications. They connect using MQTT over IP using the u-blox MQTT Now service.

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