IoT SIM card

Enable your device to connect from almost anywhere in the world


Unlock the power of MQTT Anywhere

  • Seamless global roaming on 2G/3G/LTE networks
  • Low cost, fixed price pay-as-you-go plans with no monthly contract or roaming fees
  • Multiple form factors: 2FF, 3FF, 4FF and MFF2 (QFN8) M2M eSIM

u-blox services are delivered by the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform.

The MQTT Anywhere IoT SIM card enables IoT devices to send and receive messages almost anywhere in the world via the Thingstream IoT Communication-as-a-Service platform.

Messages are sent via u-blox’s cellular IoT communication service, MQTT Anywhere.

The MQTT Anywhere IoT SIM comes in the standard three form factors, for easy integration in any IoT device.

Once you have the MQTT Anywhere IoT SIM, you can integrate your application with the Thingstream SDK to enable your own devices to start working with Thingstream. You can download an appropriate build for your MCU from within the Thingstream platform.

IoT SIM card features

  • Global – send and receive IoT messages in over 190 countries
  • Bearer agnostic – freely roam on 600+ bearer networks worldwide
  • Predictable – fixed, per-message price plans
  • Simple – easy device to enterprise integration with MQTT Anywhere
  • Available – picks the strongest signal, regardless of bearer or location

Get your u-blox MQTT Anywhere IoT SIM card

Register a u-blox Thingstream account to order your MQTT Anywhere IoT SIM card today*

IoT SIM card – specifications

  • 2FF, 3FF, and 4FF formats - MFF2 (QFN8) M2M eSIM also available
  • Samsung S3FS9FG chip
  • ARM7 SC100 16/32-bit RISC
  • 1.6V, 3V and 5V operating supply voltage ranges
  • Operating temperature range of -25°c to +85°c

* To enable your own devices to start working with u-blox Thingstream, you will need to use a Thingstream IoT SIM card in conjunction with the u-blox Thingstream Client SDK. Register for an account today or check out our developer documentation for more info.

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MQTT Anywhere pricing is based on number of MQTT messages used per month. There are four plans available:





✓ 500 MQTT-SN messages per Thing, per month✓ 2,000 MQTT-SN messages per Thing, per month✓ 5,000 MQTT-SN messages per Thing, per month✓ 12,000 MQTT-SN messages per Thing, per month
✓ cellular network connectivity✓ cellular network connectivity ✓ cellular network connectivity✓ cellular network connectivity






More information on plans and pricing can be found on our detailed pricing page.

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