MicroSD to M.2 adapter

Compatible with all u-blox wireless connectivity M.2 card modules

  • Enables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth M.2 cards to be used with development boards featuring microSD or standard SD slots
  • Easy access to the M.2 card SDIO and UART interfaces
  • Compact size
Short Range

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Standard grade microSD-to-M.2 adapter for M.2 Type 2230 Key E wireless connectivity card modules

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The ADP-uSD-M2 adapter enables M.2 card modules to plug directly into application development boards that lack an M.2 slot. The adapter connects to all microSD slots and microSDto-SD-adapters and offers unrestricted access to the SDIO and UART interfaces on the card. It also allows the host processor on the development platform to interface with the wireless connectivity supported on the M.2 card. ADP-uSD-M2 features a microSD connector with convenient 3.3 V power supply feed and a 4-wire header for easy access to the UART interface on the card. With a 4.2 mm high M.2 connector, the adapter is suitable for all M.2 Type 2230 Key E cards that support a wireless module with SDIO interface.

  • Suitable for all M.2 type 2230 Key E cards
  • M.2 connector with 4.2 mm height and 0.5 mm pitch
  • Can be used with microSD-to-SD adapter to access standard SD slots
  • Bluetooth disable jumper
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