u-blox M10 ultra low power platform

Tailored to the needs of wearable and industrial applications, the u-blox M10 platform delivers ultra-low power positioning in an ultra-compact form factor without sacrificing accuracy and availability. With less than 15mW power consumption in continuous tracking mode and high RF sensitivity that cuts the time required to establish a position fix, the u-blox M10 platform is ideal for small battery-powered applications. The platform features advanced jamming, spoofing, and RF interference mitigation, as well as Super-S technology to boost performance in weak signal environments or when used with small antennas, making it ideal for compact product designs.

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Wi-Fi 6E access point development

Quick and easy Wi-Fi 6E access point development with the u-blox M10 GNSS receiver

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Protection level increase the QoS of pet tracking solutions

Better quality of GPS-based tracking applications

GPS protection level gives tracking devices previously unavailable insight into the quality of their location estimates, offering new ways to improve the quality of service.  

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u-blox M10 low power gps for reliable positioning in wearables

Ultra low-power GNSS

Read this compelling blog that outlines a major step forward in terms of size and power consumption of our standard precision GNSS receiver offering.

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MIA-M10Q main viusal

MIA-M10 series

Ultra-low-power GNSS module for miniature asset-tracking devices

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UBX-M10050-KB chip

The extremely low power consumption of <15 mW in continuous tracking mode allows great power autonomy for all battery operated devices, such as asset trackers, without compromising on GNSS performance.

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MAX-M10 series

The MAX-M10 series is built on the ultra-low power u-blox M10 GNSS platform, which provides exceptional sensitivity and acquisition times for all L1 GNSS systems.

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SAM-M10Q module

The SAM-M10Q is a patch antenna module built on the ultra-low power u-blox M10 GNSS platform, which offers an excellent turnkey GNSS solution for easiest integration and fast time to market.

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EVK-M10QSAM makes it simple to evaluate the low-power, high performance SAM-M10Q concurrent GNSS antenna module. The evaluation kit is compact, with a user-friendly interface and power supply.



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EVK-M101 kit

EVK-M101 is perfect for evaluating the performance of u‑blox M10 positioning technology in an easy way. It comes in a rugged metal housing with a compact size of 105 x 64 x 26 mm.



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containers, harbour, docks

Standard precision positioning

u-blox’s standard precision technology delivers meter-level positioning with products tailored to meet every customer’s requirements, including small size, low power consumption, and reliability.

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Singapore urban canyon

The benefits of tracking all four global GNSS constellations

Tracking a fourth constellation increases performance in dense urban environments – and it increases the technology’s overall resilience to disruptions.

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Super-S, Technology, Antenna

Super-S technology

Super-S technology optimizes power consumption and accuracy with weak signals and small antennas

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Protection level, satellite, drone

Protection level

Computed by the GNSS receiver in real-time, the protection level quantifies the reliability of the position information, improving data quality and keeping people and assets safe.

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Ultra-low-power positioning in the cloud for extended battery life of energy-constrained IoT applications.

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