05 Nov 2020

Standard precision positioning

Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) offer the only positioning technology that is available worldwide, for free, enabling countless applications. u-blox’s standard precision technology delivers meter-level positioning with products tailored to meet every customer’s requirements, including small size, low power consumption, and reliability. u-blox sets the benchmark for robust performance, cost-effectiveness, and innovation.

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Bernd Heidtmann, Product Manager at u-blox, introduces new u-blox M10 platform

Target markets

In‑car navigation and telematics systems have been using GNSS positioning for many years. In these markets, the trust in the reported position has recently gained more importance. In some cases, such as in the asset tracking market, the entire system relies on the location data of the tracked goods. The number of battery-powered devices using GNSS – e.g. container, bicycle, or scooter trackers – is growing fast with the available technology. The same is true for people tracking, where the size of the tracking device plays a major role.

Comprehensive GNSS product range

For 20 years, u‑blox has been a leading provider in GNSS solutions that are tailored to every customer’s needs. Because we use our own silicon IP, we can offer controlled quality, high performance, quick support, and stable product life cycles.

Delivering meter-level precision, the u-blox standard precision GNSS product line is recognized in various industries as the benchmark in terms of GNSS performance, robustness, and reliability.

Portfolio highlights:

  • Comprehensive portfolio of cost-efficient modules, system-in-packages, and chips
  • Three available product grades to meet automotive, industrial, and consumer market needs
  • Robust meter-level GNSS accuracy
  • High tracking sensitivity
  • Low power consumption levels

In the meter-level range, the u-blox GNSS portfolio serves the automotive and industrial markets with GNSS chips and modules. In addition to the GNSS chip, modules contain key components required to enable positioning solutions. This reduces the total design effort for the customer. If size is key, the system-in-package product offers an even higher integration level, making them particularly attractive for small products such as wearables in the consumer market.







u-blox M10 GNSS platform

Tailored to the needs of wearable and industrial applications, the u-blox M10 platform delivers ultra-low power positioning in an ultra-compact form factor without sacrificing on accuracy and availability. With under 15 mW power consumption in continuous tracking mode and high RF sensitivity that cuts the time required to establish a position fix, the u-blox M10 platform is ideal for small battery-powered applications. The platform features advanced jamming, spoofing, and RF interference mitigation, as well as Super-S technology to boost performance in weak signal environments or when used with small antennas, making it ideal for compact product designs. The “protection level” provides 95% confidence about the maximum position error at real-time the application has to consider.

What’s better compared to the u-blox M8:

  • 35% smaller chip size
  • 5 times less power consumption
  • Increased availability from 3 to 4 GNSS
  • Up to 3 dB higher receiver sensitivity for faster startups
  • 25% higher accuracy with weak signals and small antennas
  • 95% confidence about the true position error



u-blox M9 GNSS platform

The u-blox M9 standard precision GNSS platform is ultra-robust and has exceptional sensitivity and acquisition times for all L1 GNSS systems. u-blox M9 products support concurrent reception of four GNSS constellations, which increases the robustness of their positioning performance. The large number of visible satellites allows the receiver to select the best signals at any given time. This maximizes the position accuracy, in particular under challenging conditions such as in deep urban canyons.

u-blox M8 GNSS platform

The u-blox M8 standard precision GNSS platform is the predecessor of u-blox M9 and can track up to 3 GNSS constellations concurrently. The portfolio, among others, provides a low power solution. The Super-E (super-efficient) receivers have an intelligent power mode that reduces overall power consumption without impacting positioning performance.  

AssistNow services

AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline are u‑blox’s end‑to‑end AssistNow A‑GNSS services for OEM customers and their end users. These services boost GNSS acquisition performance for devices with or without network connectivity. Find out more here.

Excellent evaluation and design-in support

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