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u-blox M10 GNSS evaluation kit


  • Easy-to-use kit including antenna, cabling and software package for evaluation of all u‑blox M10 GNSS features
  • Rugged housing with pin-header for full access to all I/O ports of the u‑blox M10 chip
  • On-board power consumption sensors
105 x 64 x 26 mm

    Product variants


    u-blox M10 GNSS evaluation kit to support u-blox UBX-M10050 chips and MAX-M10S module

    EVK-M101 is perfect for evaluating the performance of u‑blox M10 positioning technology in an easy way. It comes in a rugged metal housing with a compact size of 105 x 64 x 26 mm.
    The 14-pin front connector gives access to all chip interface pins and allows current measurements as well. Your application board can interface the embedded u‑blox M10 chip through the SPI or I2C bus.
    EVK-M101 comes with u-center PC software for configuration, testing, visualization, and data analysis of u‑blox GNSS products. u-center provides useful assistance during all phases of a system integration project.
    The EVK-M101 is powered through the USB interface. A PC running u-center can either be connected through USB or RS232 interface. On-board power consumption sensors allow measurements over time by help of the included u-center GNSS evaluation software.

    • Compact 105 x 64 x 26 mm EVK-M101 unit
    • Type C USB cable
    • Active GNSS L1 band antenna with 3 m cable
    • Step 1: Download and install u-center evaluation software from: www.u‑
    • Step 2: Connect the EVK-M101 evaluation kit to the PC with the USB cable. Microsoft USB driver for Windows 10 will be installed automatically from Windows Update, and the u‑blox USB driver for Windows 7 and 8 is available in the u-center installation package.
    • Step 3: Connect the antenna.
    • Step 4: Start u-center evaluation tool.