(Previously u-connectLocate)

Embedded software for high precision positioning

  • Bluetooth Direction Finding, Angle-of-Arrival
  • Faster time to market for Bluetooth positioning
  • Efficient angle calculation in the embedded MCU
  • Suppression of multi-path components
  • Easy-to-use command API
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u-locateEmbed* software is dedicated to the use case of locating objects indoors. It implements the Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding functionality, Angle-of-Arrival. See our Bluetooth Indoor Positioning page for more information.

The Bluetooth 5.1 specification defines the physical layer of the Direction Finding functionality. u-locateEmbed runs on top of the stack and offers developers an easy-to-use command API for calculating the angle right on the Bluetooth module. The embedded software handles RF data collection and preprocessing, and it also suppresses multipath components on each individual antenna.

It is easy to connect a module with u-locateEmbed to a host system, using a standard serial UART interface. The module is configured with high-level AT commands so that there is no need for the integrator to have detailed knowledge about embedded programming for wireless systems.

u-locateEmbed makes it easy to design Bluetooth Direction Finding into high precision indoor positioning systems.

* Note: u-locateEmbed was previously named u-connectLocate.

u-locateEmbed API diagram


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