Trailer, container, and ULD tracking

Track trailers and cargo containers on roads, on rail, at sea, and in the air with ultra-low-power GPS tracking, cloud-based location services, and wireless real-time location systems (RTLS).

Automated freight monitoring and tracking of cargo containers and unit load devices (ULDs) transiting on roads, on rail, at sea, and in the air improves the efficiency of logistics operations, allowing to detect and swiftly address delays and other unforeseen challenges.

Leveraging u-blox GPS technology, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi communication, sensing, and the cloud and visualizing data on cloud-based platforms reduces uncertainty and streamlines logistics operations.

Key applications for trailer, container, and ULD tracking

Trailer tracking

Over ten million semi-trailers transport traded goods across borders and sometimes across continents. Our ultra-low-power GPS tracking solutions save costs and increase the reliability, security, and efficiency of your operations, with motion detection, last-gasp notification, and full two-way communication to the cloud.

Maritime shipping container tracking

Holding an average load of 14 tons, the world’s 25 million standard shipping containers carry about half of globally traded goods. With our globally certified cloud-based positioning solution designed for low-bandwidth cellular and satellite communication, all your containers will be accounted for – year after year after year.

Rail freight tracking

Monitor rail cargo with our GPS tracking solutions, enable wagon-to-gateway and wagon-to-wagon communication, and securely feed data to a cloud-based application server for real-time location and status information on your mobile assets.

Unit load devices

Most air freight ULDs use RFID and Bluetooth technology for tracking in terminals and hubs, connecting through cellular gateways. Bluetooth direction finding enables submeter indoor tracking. ULD tags are applied for high-value or temperature-sensitive cargo requiring stored in dedicated refrigerated areas of logistic hubs.

Benefits of u-blox solutions for low-power trailer, container, and ULD tracking

  • Cloud-based positioning for ultra-low power consumption and minimal maintenance
  • Robust data security and jamming and spoofing detection to protect high value goods
  • Alerts for door open, shock detection, tampering, exceeding temperature or humidity thresholds
  • Locally store position snapshots in the event of interrupted communications
  • Globally certified solutions for global portability

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