Positioning in the cloud

Energy autonomy for IoT asset tracking

  • Uses 10% power of a stand-alone GNSS fix
  • Perfect for low bandwidth connectivity
  • Eliminates any 'no position scenario'
  • Delivery where you need it, to the cloud enterprise

Find out how CloudLocate can give your IoT asset tracking device

10X energy savings vs. standalone GNSS.

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CloudLocate enables energy autonomy for IoT asset tracking applications by off-loading positioning calculation to the cloud, achieving up to 10X power savings over a standalone GNSS fix. The service works with every connectivity and is optimized for low bandwidth networks. CloudLocate overcomes poor/no GNSS signal conditions by leveraging Wi-Fi and cellular network attributes to get a location fix in the toughest environments, even indoors. CloudLocate is ideal for use cases that require long battery life, a few position updates per day, position accuracy of <10m, and for which location is needed in the cloud.


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Energy autonomy for IoT asset tracking

CloudLocate offloads the power-hungry positioning calculation from the IoT device and to the cloud, saving up to 90% of power consumption and acquisition time compared to a standalone GNSS receiver that needs at least 30 seconds for a cold start. Achieve months or even years of battery life for your IoT asset tracking applications. A more power-autonomous IoT device increases the device lifecycle and lowers operational burdens, allowing you to focus on growing your business, not on charging and changing batteries.

Perfect for low bandwidth connectivity

CloudLocate works with every connectivity and is optimized for high-latency low-bandwidth networks. Only the uplink is needed to send a small measurement data packet from the device to the cloud for processing. Assisted GNSS (A-GNSS) is also not needed. By not requiring A-GNSS, you eliminate the need for a downlink: saving data, cost, and energy. CloudLocate is perfect for constrained radio technologies such as satellite IoT, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, SigFox, and LTE-M.

Eliminates any 'no position scenario'

One of the key challenges for IoT asset tracking is getting a position in absent or adverse GNSS signal conditions: urban canyons, very limited sky view conditions, or indoors. By leveraging additional network measurements from sources other than GNSS (Wi-Fi and/or visible Cellular cell ID) and using the hybrid cloud positioning engine. it is always possible to identify the position of the asset even in the most complex environments. CloudLocate provides Industrial IoT with the continuous visibility necessary to take real-time decisions and maximize operational efficiency.

Delivery where you need it, the cloud enterprise

Knowing the location of your IoT asset is crucial for business. Having that information delivered exactly where you need it saves power, cost, and effort. CloudLocate delivers location where you need it, in the cloud enterprise.

3 service access options provide the flexibility to meet your specific needs: Device to Service, Service to Service, Location in Cloud.

Location attributes are captured on the device, but are not used on the device itself, but rather by a cloud service. It makes sense to offload the measurement calculations to that cloud service where location and assistance information can be reliably delivered and globally available. Lengthy or repeated attempts at data download can quickly drain power and affect operations. Data flights up and down between device and cloud are an unnecessary waste of energy and data. CloudLocate eliminates all this inefficiency by delivering where you decide and can even serve multiple cloud applications in parallel.

Every Connectivity. Any Hardware.

CloudLocate works with any connectivity technology: satellite IoT, NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, or proprietary technologies. CloudLocate works with any hardware IoT device that is capable to send the GNSS measurement to the service.

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