Supply chain management and monitoring

Tap into the potential of supply chain optimization 

If we've learned anything over the past year, it's that businesses are only as resilient as their supply chains. Supply chain optimization, asset monitoring, and cold chain tracking can help your business meet delivery deadlines, quality and service levels, and customer expectations. 

Read on for more about the hardware and services that will deliver the data you need to boost your business through supply chain optimization. And learn how to  continuously monitor the status of your assets with industrial asset tracker solutions that combine geolocalization, data sensing, and cloud connectivity for general cargo, retail shipping, and logistics.

What is supply chain optimization? 

Supply chain optimization can help your business detect, locate, and address bottlenecks and other issues in existing supply chains and optimally design new ones to better serve customers and maximize revenue.  

Detect bottlenecks and other problems in existing supply chains before they manifest as delayed deliveries or damaged goods with real-time asset tracking solutions that provide information on the status of your shipments, quality of handling, and cold chain integrity. Keep an eye on your shipments with compact, disposable, or reusable real-time data loggers offering track-and-trace functionality for cold chain logistics, smart packaging, sensitive and perishable goods shipping, and real-time box tracking.

Flag supply chain issues as they occur, complete with accurate location data and a timestamp, using real-time location systems (RTLS) such as IoT asset trackers and take targeted action to address them before they spin out of control. 

Dig even deeper with multi-echelon inventory optimization to streamline complex multi-layered supply chains. 

Our vast technology offering targeting logistics optimization includes all the components needed to build secure, low maintenance, and globally certified solutions to track your assets throughout the logistics chain.

Benefits of u-blox solutions for supply chain optimization, asset monitoring, and cold chain tracking

Chain management and monitoring applications

Person in front of refrigerated​ container

Cold chain monitoring

By combining our positioning technologies, wireless communication, and secure data services with extensive sensing, weaknesses in the cold chain can be pinpointed and mitigated. Spoiled goods and pharmaceuticals can be identified and pulled out of circulation.

Robot arm in warehouse

Smart packaging

Smart boxes, using GPS and cellular tech, enable efficient courier deliveries, goods shipping, and raw material recovery. Our low-power cloud solution extends IoT smart box battery life tenfold, integrating Bluetooth and cellular technology.

Hands holding tablet in warehouse

Supply chain optimization

Gathering real-time data across the supply chain and visualizing them using digital twins sheds light onto bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and weak links and offers the opportunity to address them, increasing quality and reliability while reducing costs.

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