Connected tools

Improved performance, precision, and efficiency with connected tools

Connected tools facilitate personalized settings and integrated usage analysis, enhancing performance, precision, and efficiency. Alongside industrial assembly solutions, these tools benefit smart factories, manufacturing plants, and construction sites by harvesting and providing access to fundamental data that can improve various processes.

Smart power tools, increasingly replacing traditional hand tools, improve reliability, performance, precision, and time efficiency within connected factories and construction settings.

Connected tools enhance the user experience and facilitate the management of these smart tools, mitigating the risk of misuse, malfunction, theft, and loss within a smart site. Moreover, personalized user settings can cater to the specific needs and preferences of individual workers.

Connected tools and industrial assembly solutions directly impact the bottom line by:

  • Increasing productivity through reduced downtime and full traceability across critical processes.
  • Simplifying asset management with smart tool management features, usage trend analysis, and onboard battery diagnostics.
  • Improving cost control through proactive service delivery and easy repair and tool exchange.
  • Enhancing transparency over the tool crib with complete visibility of tool location and usage, interactive documentation, and guides to accessories and other related products.

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