Connected Care

Connecting effective medical devices

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As the IoT makes in-roads into the healthcare industry, there is greater potential for improved healthcare outcomes for the patient as medical practitioners use the data insights gained in medical devices.

Delivering this data safely and effectively improves the experience of patients and medical staff at every step of the patient journey, offering better outcomes at a lower cost in medical facilities and in the home.

Care becomes more cost-effective, thanks to early detection and intervention preventing complicated and costly treatments.

u-blox offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that support device positioning and data transfer for the IoT.

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Connected care

With the rise of connected medical devices such as sleep monitors, fall alerts, emergency call out buttons and respiratory monitors, accurate function and secure connection are paramount.


At u-blox, we understand the need for assisted living solutions that deliver the flexibility to monitor patients at home, flag up potential issues before they become critical, allow medical practitioners to act swiftly to safeguard patients’ health and allow for more flexible care.


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Accessible vitality

In promoting good health and monitoring potential health issues, connected wearables are becoming a fast-growing sector within the IoT.


u-blox realizes that the success of these devices is entirely dependent on the quality of the components and the safe flow of data to or from them. u-blox designs and manufactures stress-tested, globally certified, low-power solutions that support the guarantees given by device manufacturers.


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Accelerated alerts

The need for accurate, secure data from medical devices into the myriad of cloud services is a vital part of the IoT in the healthcare industry.


Alerting the medical profession of potentially critical situations from home saves valuable hospital resources and improves outcomes due to the information.


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