Remote patient monitoring and assisted living solutions

Remote patient monitoring and assisted living solutions extend healthcare services right into the patient’s home.

The rise of chronic diseases is putting additional pressure on an already strained global healthcare system.  By extending clinical care right into the patient’s own four walls, remote health monitoring solutions are helping to increase capacity in hospitals while letting patients stay at home.

Assisted living solutions use sensing, wireless communication, and cloud-based platforms to help vulnerable elderly and disabled individuals prolong their autonomy or return home from the clinic. By triggering life-saving alarms to relatives or fist responders, these devices offer elderly individuals and those with special needs a “lifeline” they can rely on in an emergency.

Enabling devices customers will trust with their health

At u-blox, we understand that customer expectations for the performance of IoT-enabled domestic healthcare solutions is high, while tolerance for mistakes is low.

Patient privacy is paramount, which is why our devices are conceived to protect privacy by design. And our devices are designed to enable solutions that are resilient against network congestion and interruptions to the power supply, responding smartly to protect the filesystem and ensure a seamless recovery once service returns.

Benefits of u-blox solutions of assisted living

  • At u-blox we have gathered vast experience working with customers in the healthcare domain, including assisted living solutions and medical respiratory devices.
  • Our solutions are developed to protect privacy by design, safeguarding the health data of your customers and protecting your reputation.
  • Our devices are meticulously qualified and tested. This includes edge cases such as when power disappears unexpectedly when patients unplug their health care device from the mains to stow it away.
  • Cellular communication and the message based Thingstream connectivity services cover many geographical regions without having to rely on specific local infrastructure at the patient’s home. As a result, patients can take health devices on vacation or visit to relatives.

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Use cases

Fall detection systems

In the United States alone, over thirty million elderly people report falls, leading to over three million injuries, and more than thirty thousand deaths. Fall detection systems use wireless communication including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular technology to automatically alert emergency services in the event of fall.

Emergency call systems

Using emergency call systems deployed in elderly care centers or at home, vulnerable individuals including the elderly can increase their autonomy and gain peace of mind, knowing that caregivers are always on call in the event of an emergency.

Sleep apnea monitors

Connected sleep apnea monitors let patients diagnose from their own beds rather than requiring them to spend the night in a medical sleep lab. Directly transmitting data to healthcare professionals via the cellular network or a local assisted living gateway reduces the risk of errors and simplifies diagnosis.

Bedside respiratory devices

Bedside respiratory devices, also referred to as CPAP devices, assist patients with breathing disorders such as sleep apnea by maintaining a constant flow of air into their airways. Connected bedside respiratory devices give healthcare professionals access to the usage data, boosting compliance and improving quality of care.

Solution architecture for assisted living solutions

Example of solution architecture for home monitoring health device

Highlighted offering for remote patient monitoring and assisted living solutions

u-blox service offering

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Our experts are here to answer your questions about u-blox offerings for healthcare.

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