u-center 2

The new way to test and evaluate GNSS technology

Testing and evaluating GNSS performance has never been easier. Fully redesigned to meet the needs of the latest u-blox M10 GNSS technology, and developed with special attention to user experience, u-center 2 offers a sleek interface with a host of new features and improved functionality.

The software, which runs on Microsoft Windows, raises the benchmark for GNSS performance evaluation tools, providing:

  • customizable workspaces with adaptive window elements,
  • a feature-rich built-in log player,
  • convenient in-app documentation,
  • quick product configuration for key use cases,
  • and automatic software updates.

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Explore the possibilities of u-blox positioning device configuration with u-center 2

Benefits of using u-center 2

With u-center 2, anyone working with tenth-generation u‑blox GNSS technology can easily configure GNSS products, evaluate their performance, improve the quality of their software, and experience the performance boost achieved using GNSS-related services.

u-center 2 offers a broad range of new features and functionality:


Benefits of u-center 2
young engineers in front of the computer setting up u-center 2

u-center 2 tutorials

Our tutorials has been tailored for customers to become experts and leverage each feature of the software.

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Person in the field evaluating GNSS performance

Specific GPS configuration with u-center 2

u-center 2 is a highly intuitive software package designed to evaluate GNSS performance and easily configure products by use case.


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u-center 2

u-center 2 product page

Download the software, documentation, and other resources.


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