C100-F9K application board

Easy evaluation of ZED-F9K with multi-band RTK


  • Application board for ZED-F9K
  • User-configurable CAN-bus interface covering many implementations
  • Robust housing suitable for in-vehicle use and installation
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The C100-F9K application board allows Automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers to evaluate the ZED-F9K, the u-blox F9 high precision positioning module with automotive dead reckoning (ADR) technology, in many vehicles on the market.

The ZED-F9K module includes multi-band GNSS with built-in RTK and ADR technologies to provide decimeter-level accuracy. The C100-F9K application board integrates a microcontroller to directly interface to a vehicle’s CAN-bus using a configuration file. When the CAN-bus cannot be directly supported due to the very diverse nature of the specification, digital inputs are available for speed and direction inputs.

The u-center evaluation software provides a powerful platform for evaluation of u-blox GNSS receivers. With u-center, data can be logged as well as visualized in real time. The u-center software contains an NTRIP client that can be used to manage the RTCM correction stream from commercial services.

The 14-pin header provides access to additional functions beyond those depicted in the block diagram, such as the use of an external power supply, access to microcontroller for the update of its firmware, and access to the UART2 of ZED-F9K.

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