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ANN-MB series

L1/L2 multi-band, high precision GNSS antennas


  • Multi-band (L1, L2/E5b/B2I) active GNSS antennas with excellent price performance ratio
  • Supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou
  • Fast and easy antenna solution for high precision applications
  • Versatile mounting and connector options

    Product variants


    Multi-band active GNSS antenna with 5 m cable and SMA connector


    Multi-band active GNSS antenna with 5 m cable and SMB connector


    Multi-band active GNSS antenna with 5 m cable and MCX connector

    The u‑blox ANN-MB multi-band (L1, L2/E5b/B2I) active GNSS antennas are designed to reduce time to market for the next generation of high precision GNSS applications, which require highly accurate location abilities. The compact design, excellent price performance ratio, and versatile mounting and connector choices provide customers with fast, easy, and reliable multi-band antenna solutions. The ANN-MB antenna is a perfect match to the latest u‑blox F9 platform including the ZED-F9P module, thus providing customers with the valuable antenna solution they need to minimize design-in efforts.

    Antenna with 5 m coaxial cable, RG174 standard:

    • Weight 173 g (including cable)
    • Size 60.0 x 82.0 x 22.5 mm
    • Connectors (choice) SMA, SMB, MCX
    • Mounting Magnetic base, fixed installation option
    • Frequency: L1 Band: 1559 - 1606 MHz, L2/E5b/B2I Band: 1197 - 1249 MHz
    • VSWR Max. 2
    • Impedance 50 Ohm
    • Peak gain (over 15 cm diameter ground plane): L1 Band: 3.5 dBic, L2/E5b/B2I Band: 0 - 2.0 dBic
    • Polarization RHCP