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18 Sep 2020

u-blox launches first sustainability report

IoT is poised to make an exponential contribution to a more sustainable world. As a member of this critical ecosystem, u-blox has a key role in the innovation driving sustainability across it and a responsibility to produce our products and services sustainably. We are taking action in 5 areas aligned with 17 UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals.

 The u-blox Sustainability 5:

  • Business Ethics, Privacy and Security
  • Employees
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Supply Chain Responsibility
  • Communities


This means we must do business with integrity, look after our employees and respect each other, tread lightly on the environment, contribute to the communities that host us, and ensure our supply chain partners do likewise. This means – sustainability forms an inherent part of our company culture with every decision we make – at all levels of the business.


Our inaugural Sustainability Report

It is with great pleasure that I present you with the first u-blox Sustainability Report. It represents a key milestone in our company’s journey as we introduce non-financial goals for environment, social and corporate governance (ESG). We outline the five pillars of our Sustainability Strategy, describe where we are today and share our key goals in each area. We will report back on our progress against these goals in future Sustainability Reports.


We are going further

Although sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do, we know there is much more we can accomplish, and together with our stakeholders, we are going further. Join us on our journey of discovery as we tap into our exponential potential towards a more sustainable world.