This page is dedicated to solving any initial issues you may have connecting and using your Thingstream SIM

You have registered your account at and activated your SIM by going to “Add Thing”.

You've downloaded an appropriate SDK for your chosen MCU and used one of the included example projects to get you going.

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Q: Can I use any SIM card to access Thingstream?

A: You will need to use a Thingstream IoT SIM card and SDK to access the Thingstream platform and global IoT network.

Q: What if my SIM card is damaged?

A: If your SIM card is damaged, please contact for a replacement.

Q: What services and/or endpoints can I connect to with my Thingstream SIM card?

A: The Thingstream SIM card is exclusively for use with u-blox MQTT Anywhere plans. It must be used in conjunction with the Thingstream SDK to communicate with the Thingstream MQTT broker. There is a secondary APN available to enable the device to download firmware updates and other occasional cellular data use.

Q: Which network communication standards and types are supported by the Thingstream SIM?

A: The MQTT Anywhere service is available globally across 2G, 3G, and LTE networks. u-blox has roaming agreements with multiple operators and network technologies in most countries. NB-IoT is also supported but there are currently very few places where it is possible to roam. We suggest that you use a modem with support for multiple network types for the best possible coverage if your device needs to work anywhere.

Q: How do I add my SIM card to my Thingstream domain?

A: You will have received a redemption code, or csv file containing the redemption codes that go with your SIM(s). The ICCID number shown with these redemption codes relates to the number printed on the SIM itself. To add an individual SIM to your account, go to “Add Thing” from the things List in the management console, choose the option to redeem your thing and follow the wizard. If you want to add multiple SIMs at the same time, choose the option to redeem multiple things, and upload the CSV file that you were given.

Q: What hardware will I need to get started?

A: There are many compatible SBCs(small board computers) - see the downloads section in the management console for details of supported architectures. For evaluating the service and prototyping your application, a Raspberry Pi with a modem hat is a good place to start.

Q: Where can I download the SDK and documentation?

A: The Thingstream SDK and documentation can be found in the download section in the management console. Here you will find SDK builds for a variety of popular MCUs. The download bundle includes all of the documentation that you’ll need, and, where the build is for a specific MCU e.g. STM32, you’ll also find some example projects to get you started. If you are using a generic SDK, like the C SDK for Cortex M0, M3, M4, and M7 from the ARM section, you can still download one of the other SDK bundles to have a look at the sample project code. If your MCU is not listed, or you need some more help please get in touch. Contact

Q: Why won't my device connect to Thingstream? 

A: Please ensure that the Thingstream SIM is activated in the management console, correctly inserted in your unit and that the unit is powered in accordance with the manufacturer specifications. If you still experience difficulties, please obtain modem level logs from your device and submit them to along with any code that it's possible to share and details of your hardware environment so that we can investigate further.

Q: Which modem can I use to connect to Thingstream?

A: The MQTT Anywhere service can be used on a wide range of cellular modems from most manufacturers. This includes but is not limited to u-blox modems. If you experience any difficulties using your chosen modem, please get in touch with so that we can investigate further.


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