Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact principles, and sets out the standards everyone at u‑blox must adhere to whenever they engage with customers, colleagues, suppliers and the wider community.

It defines our core policies on areas such as legal and regulatory compliance, fair competition, anti-corruption, protection of confidential information and intellectual property, health and safety, environmental conservation and information disclosure.

Our Code is available at our intranet in six languages. All our employees are required to get familiar with our Code of Conduct when they join, and then receive periodic training as part of their learning and development programs.

Download Code of Conduct

No weapon or weapon systems

One of the central pillars of the u-blox Code of Conduct is our position on the non-integration of our products into weapons and weapon systems. This policy is in place since 2002.

We do not sell products when the intended use is for integration into weapons or weapon systems:

  • Guns, cannons or weapon systems, e.g. systems for identifying or localizing targets
  • Systems for the guidance of missiles, bombs or bullets
  • Military drones, military unmanned vehicles or military robots

No sale to trade embargoed countries

u-blox does not sell into: Iran, North Korea, Russia, the territories occupied by Russia in Ukraine, Belarus, Sudan, Cuba and Syria.

Longstanding company policy expressly forbids use of u-blox products in weapons or weapon systems of any kind