To stay competitive in a challenging market place, product developers continuously strive to reduce time to market, increase system integration and deliver enhanced product features. We deliver business advantage to our customers by offering system-level demonstration solutions that incorporate several u-blox components and related software. This utilizes synergies only available when using multiple u-blox products together. Further, it brings reduced risk, faster time to market, and increased system integration to our customers. As examples, eCall needs both u-blox cellular and positioning technology, and a wireless gateway requires both an LTE module (e.g. TOBY-L2) and a Wi-Fi module (e.g. EMMY-W1) along with an appropriate software stack. We provide design proposals for different markets and challenges using a variety of wireless and positioning technologies. This enables the quick creation of top-performing solutions using u-blox products. We do not compete with our customers, therefore the listed solution examples are not offered as commercial products.