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ODIN-W2 series

Stand-alone IoT gateway modules with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The most versatile industrial IoT gateway modules

  • Dual‑band Wi‑Fi & dual‑mode Bluetooth
  • Wi‑Fi station / access point
  • u‑connect software for accelerated time to market
  • High speed RMII interface
  • Wi‑Fi enterprise security
  • Global certification


ODIN-W2 moduleODIN-W262
14.8 x 22.3 x 3.2/4.7 mm

Product variants

ODIN-W260 (u-connect)

Stand-alone dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module with dual U.FL connectors for external antennas, certified for global use

ODIN-W262 (u-connect)

Stand-alone dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module with internal antenna, certified for global use

ODIN-W263 (u-connect)

Stand-alone dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module with internal antenna, certified for use in Europe

Product variantsODIN-W260 (u-connect)ODIN-W262 (u-connect)ODIN-W263 (u-connect)
Connector for external antenna
Internal antenna
Short range features 
Bluetooth qualificationv4.0
Bluetooth output power EIRP [dBm]1411
Bluetooth low energy output power EIRP [dBm]107
Wi-Fi output power EIRP [dBm]1815
Maximum range [m]300250
Throughput [Mbit/s]20.0
Maximum number of connections7
Wi-Fi frequency [GHz]2.4 and 5
Bluetooth profiles and services 
Bluetooth SPP
Bluetooth DUN
Bluetooth PAN
Bluetooth GATT
u-blox low energy serial port service
Wi-Fi standard 
IEEE 802.11a
IEEE 802.11b
IEEE 802.11g
IEEE 802.11n
Microprocessor on board  
Standalone module u-connect
Ethernet RMII1
Electrical data 
Minimum supply [V]3.00
Maximum supply [V]3.6
Environmental data, quality & reliability 
Maximum temperature [°C]85
Minimum temperature [°C]-40
Size [mm]14.8 x 22.3 x 3.2
Access point
AT command support
Extended data mode protocol
Low energy serial port service
Point-to-point protocol (PPP)
Wi-Fi enterprise security
ATEX certified
MarketsAutomotive & Transport, Industry, Smart Cities, Healthcare, Retail, Smart Home & Buildings

Product Summary

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Conformity and Certification

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The  ODIN‑W2  is  a  compact  and  powerful  stand‑alone module,  designed  for  Internet‑of‑Things  multiradio and gateway  applications.  The  module  includes  an  embedded Wi‑Fi  driver,  IP  stack, Bluetooth  stack, and  an  application  for  wireless  data  transfer,  all  configurable  using  AT  commands.  The  wireless support  includes  dual‑mode  Bluetooth (BR/EDR  and  low  energy) and dual‑band Wi‑Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz bands).