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16 Feb 2018

u-blox F9: Taking GNSS precision to the next level

Imagine a versatile GNSS receiver able to bring centimeter-level precision to the mass market. We just developed the technology to enable it.

Precision agriculture enabled by high precision GNSS technology

Next generation industrial and automotive navigation applications demand next generation GNSS technology. In addition to higher precision, features such as increased robustness, faster convergence times, and versatility are critical to enabling industrial and automotive mass market applications.

Our new F9 GNSS technology platform meets these needs by integrating signals from multiple orbiting GNSS constellations in multiple frequency bands. It offers out-of-the-box support for various state-of-the-art GNSS correction technologies that bring down positioning accuracy to the centimeter-level. Optional dead reckoning technology based on inertial sensors extends high precision performance to otherwise challenging urban environments.

Applications u-blox F9 will enable

The F9 platform will underpin the next wave of our positioning modules enabling wide-ranging use-cases including:

  • Commercial unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV) applications
  • Ground robotics navigation
  • Lane level navigation for head up displays, infotainment systems, and vehicle to everything (V2X) communication
  • Heavy machine control for precision agriculture and construction
  • Industrial navigation and tracking

Benefits of the u-blox F9 platform

High precision: Multi-constellation and multi-band technology delivers sub-meter accuracy and centimeter-level accuracy when used with a GNSS correction service.

Robustness: Fast time to first fix and more robust performance achieved by leveraging a greater diversity of satellite signals, increasing the availability of high precision performance in otherwise difficult urban environments.

Versatility: By supporting a variety of modern GNSS correction service technologies (RTCM v 3.x, SSR, SBAS, PPP), the F9 platform enables centimeter-level positioning for global applications. 

Dead reckoning: The F9 platform combining GNSS technology with inputs from inertial sensors to continue to provide accurate positioning in environments that are out of reach of GNSS signals, such as tunnels, parking garages, and urban canyons with bridges.

Security: By integrating advanced jamming and spoofing detection to achieve highest levels of security increases the level of trust placed in positioning information against intentional or unintentional manipulation.

Learn more about how we are taking GNSS precision to the next level with the u-blox F9 platform.

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