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NEO-M8U module

u-blox M8 UDR module including 3D inertial sensors

World’s first untethered dead reckoning GNSS solution

  • Independent of any electrical connection to the car
  • Positioning accuracy in dense cities and covered areas
  • Complete positioning solution with integrated 3D sensors
  • Compatible with all modules of the NEO family
  • Real‑time positioning update rate of up to 20 Hz

Product variants


u-blox M8 GNSS LCC module with Untethered
Dead Reckoning and onboard sensors

Further information

See the C93‑M8E application example, which in addition to the evaluation kit can be used to evaluate Untethered Dead Reckoning functionality.

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NEO-M8U module
12.2 x 16 x 2.4 mm