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Evaluation kit for NINA-W10 stand-alone modules with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth / Bluetooth low energy


  • Compatible with Arduino® Uno shields
  • Available in two variants – EVK-NINA-W101 and EVK-NINA-W102
  • All the NINA-W10 module pins are available at connectors or jumpers
  • Can be powered through USB or external power supply
  • Enables flashing over USB
99 x 52 mm

    Product variants


    Evaluation kit for NINA-W101 module, RF port available on U.FL connector (J21)


    Evaluation kit for NINA-W102 module with internal metal PIFA antenna


    Evaluation kit for NINA-W106 module with internal PCB trace antenna

    The EVK-NINA-W10 evaluation kit enables application development based on the NINA-W10 multiradio (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) modules. The EVK-NINA-W10 can be used as a reference design for the NINA-W10 series multiradio modules thus enabling faster hardware development and shorter time to market. The evaluation board is equipped with Arduino sockets that enables use of numerous shields for quick prototyping of different use cases.

    • EVK-NINA-W10 evaluation board
    • External antenna with U.FL connector (EVK-NINA-W101 only)
    • USB cable