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Telematics application board


  • Combines wireless modem module with MAX-7Q GNSS receiver module
  • Supports LISA-C200 CDMA 1xRTT, or LISA-U200 W-CDMA, or SARA-G350 GSM/GPRS module
  • C16-U20-00S: PTCRB certified by 7Layers
  • 100% SMD solution
C16 development board

    Product variants


    App. board with LISA-C200 (CDMA/Sprint) and MAX-7Q


    App. board with LISA-C200 (CDMA/Verizon) and MAX-7Q


    App. board with LISA-U200 (W-CDMA) and MAX-7Q


    App. board with SARA-G350 (GSM/GPRS) and MAX-7Q

    The C16-C20/U20/G35 wireless and GNSS application board with integrated antennas is a complete and integrated solution for telematics applications such as fleet management, asset tracking, road pricing, and security/surveillance. It demonstrates the integration of u‑blox’ MAX-7 GNSS receiver with a u‑blox wireless module. Utilizing the u‑blox nested design concept, it provides the option to embed either a LISA-C200 CDMA, LISA-U200 W-CDMA, or SARA-G350 GSM/GPRS module. This application board supports full access to the MAX-7Q GNSS module via the wireless module. Thus wireless and GNSS functionality can be controlled through a single serial port from any host processor. Direct access to the GNSS and wireless modules is also available via two mini USB connectors. The high performance u‑blox 7 GNSS engine enables navigation even in weak signal environments. Application boards are intended to assist system integrators to develop their own end products quickly with fast time-to-market. On request, u‑blox provides comprehensive technical documentation including schematics, layouts, BOM and design recommendations. Note: this board is available to customers in North America only.

    The 78 x 55 mm board (x 12 mm with connectors) includes:

    • Cellular module (LISA-C200/LISA-U200/SARA-G350)
    • MAX-7Q GNSS module
    • 25 x 25 mm ceramnic patch GNSS antenna
    • Hexaband cellular SMT antenna
    • Connectors: coaxial power jack, 16-pin DIL header, 2 mini USB ports

    To receive schematics, gerber files, and additional documentation, Contact u‑blox.

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