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C099-F9P Application Board

Easy evaluation of u-blox ZED-F9P with multi-band RTK


  • Application board for ZED‑F9P
  • Flexible connectivity options, including Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth
  • Arduino Mega shield connections for host expansion

    Product variants


    For Asia and other regions not covered by the other two variants


    For Europe, Russia, and Australia: SmartNet trial license included


    For USA and Canada: SmartNet trial license included

    • 1 x application board with ZED‑F9P
    • 1 x active multi‑band GNSS antenna
    • 1 x Bluetooth / Wi‑Fi antenna
    • USB cable

    The C099‑F9P application board allows efficient evaluation of ZED‑F9P, the u‑blox F9 high precision positioning module.
    The ZED‑F9P module provides multi‑band GNSS positioning and comes with built‑in RTK technology providing centimeter level accuracy to users.
    The C099‑F9P application board integrates the ZED‑F9P module and includes an ODIN‑W2 short range module for connectivity options.
    The application board is designed to support evaluation of the ZED‑F9P module, while the ODIN‑W2 module provides wireless connectivity capabilities for common use cases. Refer to the C099‑F9P User Guide for details on supported configurations.
    The u‑center evaluation software provides a powerful platform for evaluation of u‑blox GNSS receivers. With u‑center, data can be logged as well as visualized in real time. The u‑center software contains an NTRIP server/client which can be used to manage the RTCM correction stream to and from a C099‑F9P application board.

    Product Summary

    C099-F9P Application Board Product Summary


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    User Guide

    C099-F9P User Guide (with ODIN-W2 Connectivity SW)


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    C099-F9P User Guide (with Mbed OS 3 application firmware)


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