Product grades

We deliver products in three distinct product grades optimized for your specific needs:







u-blox automotive grade
Standard GradeProfessional GradeAutomotive Grade
For consumer product applications in which environmental conditions such as temperature, EMC, and mechanical stresses are within light to moderate levels. Ideally suited to higher volume, price sensitive applications such as recreational devices, mobile computing, cameras, displays, routers, and test equipment. This category of products is characterized by an excellent price to performance ratio and our industry renowned u‑blox quality.For use in industrial and professional applications, where operating temperature range and mechanical durability are important for high reliability over the entire product service life. This product category is suited for applications like industrial equipment, safety and alarm systems, broadcast and telecom equipment, asset tracking, fleet managements, etc. These products are very robust electrically as well as mechanically. They are qualified according to JEDEC or subset of AEC-Q to ensure best in class quality.

For equipment in harsh environmental conditions, especially automotive applications, where the device is subjected to high levels of EMI, bump, shock and vibration, and extremes of temperature. These products are designed for use in automotive, transportation, and other mission critical applications and meet industry standard automotive specifications. They are qualified according to AEC-Q104 (modules) / AEC‑Q100 (ICs). Our automotive products feature excellent immunity to severe mechanical and electrical stress. They are characterized by lowest possible field failure rate, have the long term product availability to support the automotive industry’s product life cycles, and come with automotive quality processes (PPAP, 8D, Failure Analysis).


Environmental conditions  

Consumer environment

Industrial environment

Automotive environment


-20 … +65 °C

-40 … +85 °C

-40 … +85 °C or extended

(+105 °C on some products)

Product Qualification  

JESD47 (ICs)

Subset of AEC-Q104, non-biased (modules)

JESD47 (ICs)

Subset of AEC-Q104 (modules)

AEC-Q100 (ICs)

AEC-Q104 (modules)

Process levels for design, manufacturing, and testing

Standard grade:

•100% outgoing test
•Product traceability
•PCN process
•Failure analysis

Standard grade, plus:

•100% automatic X-ray and optical inspection on modules

Professional grade, plus:

•ISO/TS 16949 manufacturing
•Automotive test flow
•Component traceability
•8D failure reporting
•Automotive PCN process
•Long product life cycles
•0-ppm program