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19 Oct 2011

MikroKopter captures precision photos and videos using u-blox GPS

Small, unmanned helicopter transmits live images while navigating autonomously


Mikrokopter captures live photos and video while navigating autonomously using u-blox precision GPS technology

Thalwil, Switzerland – October 19, 2011 – HiSystems GmbH, a German-based developer of industrial control and telemetry equipment, introduces MikroKopter, a small, unmanned helicopter with autonomous navigation capabilities based on u-blox GPS technology. The device is optimized for capturing and transmitting photos and videos taken from precise GPS locations and altitudes.


“Our light-weight MikroKopter is perfect for capturing aerial photos and videos of sporting events, nature, wildlife, structures and buildings. It is also ideally suited for creating video clips used for advertising and entertainment” said Holger Buss, HiSystems Managing Director. “By integrating u‑blox’ precision GPS receiver technology, the MikroKopter can fly to pre-determined GPS coordinates or points of interest while independently maintaining a constant altitude, position and camera angle.”

The battery powered MikroKopter comes in 4, 6 and 8 rotor versions with flight duration up to 40 minutes. It is also capable of carrying a maximum 2.5 kg payload. GPS positioning is provided by a built-in  LEA-6S GPS receiver, u-blox’ highest-performance GPS module.


“MikroKopter is a fascinating application of our GPS technology, and demonstrates how location awareness combined with advanced flight technology can enable the capture of spectacular arial images quickly, safely, and at a low-cost,” said Jan Reisen, Area Sales Manager at u‑blox.

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