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u-blox is committed to building a community of partners. The aim is to create a directory of potential collaborators who will be able to help our joint customers solve all the complex challenges they face.

This request will be delivered straight to Neil Hamilton. Fill out the form and he will be in touch as soon as possible.

Technology Partners.  

Companies which provide complementary technologies which when combined with u-blox technology provide greater value to customers and their applications. These range from antenna manufacturers to enterprise software vendors. 

Design Partners.

These are companies that invest in understanding how our products and services work and engage in proactive consultative design and development with their own customers and those which u-blox have introduced to them. 

Solution Partners.

These companies focus more on the overall enterprise application development, integrating data feeds from our Thingstream Service Delivery Platform into 3rd party cloud applications through a consultative approach with enterprise customers; we often introduce Solution Partners to appropriate Design Partners enabling a u-blox powered full stack solution to be delivered to an enterprise customer.