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Why choose u-blox for smart cities?

Choose u-blox because of secure, certified and long-term available chips and modules


What u‑blox brings to the Smart City

Industry‑leading u‑blox provides the underlying nervous system of the Smart City. With our innovative wireless and positioning technologies, the applications you create for the Smart City can be more efficient. We offer you possibilities for streamlined resource management as well as increased economic and sustainable efficiency. We provide the edge businesses like yours need to manufacture the products and services needed to truly succeed in the digital age.

Full portfolio

Our full range of chips and modules offer cellular, short range radio, and positioning technologies that are designed for the Smart City needs. As we support the core IoT technologies, individuals and organizations responsible for operating a Smart City can select the components that work for their individual needs, offering the city a personalized range of applications.


We understand the importance of security and safety of a Smart City protecting the sensitive infrastructure for utilities and public safety. We have implemented the u‑blox pillars of secure IoT (including secure boot, interface security, API control and spoofing/jamming detection) to offer our customers full control.

Technologies ideal for smart cities

From ATEX‑certified modules developed specifically for hazardous environments to short range mesh technologies that increase the range and reliability of wireless connections, we provide the Smart City with the technology focus it needs.

Further, as u‑blox leads the market in Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies (NB‑IoT, Cat M1, RPMA) and V2X solutions, we can enable your key Smart City applications – such as traffic management and metering – while also lowering your maintenance costs.


Our components are developed for long‑term availability and easy migration to new technologies, lowering risk, expenditures and maintenance fees for Smart Cities.