How to find us - Thalwil

u-blox corporate headquarters in Switzerland

By car or taxi, coming from Zurich Airport 
(Total Time: ~40 minutes) 

By taxi, tell the driver you want to go to Zürcherstrasse 68 in Thalwil. 
Our central telephone number from within Switzerland is: +41 41 560 29 30

By car:

  • When leaving the airport, get onto the motorway direction Zurich. Drive through Zurich, following the sign to Chur.
  • You will eventually get onto the motorway A3. After a ~10 minute trip on the A3, leave the motorway at exit Thalwil.
  • At the first roundabout take the first right, at the second roundabout, again take the first right. You are now on Zürcherstrasse.
  • You will encounter two traffic lights, just continue straight through each one. 
  • Shortly after the 2nd traffic light you will encounter another roundabout, take the second exit. 
  • About 150 meters after exiting the roundabout, Zürcherstrasse will split into two streets, take the right one (you are still on Zürcherstrasse), passing a petrol station on the right
  • After 50 meters, our building named "Silvergate" is on the left. 

See the interactive map for details and satellite views. You can also plot your route via Google Maps, just enter Start: Zurich airport, Destination: Zürcherstrasse 68, Thalwil. Visitor parking space is in front of the building. Please notify the relevant department of your arrival at the electronic reception desk. 

By public transport, coming from Zurich Airport 
(Total Time: ~50 minutes) 

In the airport, follow the signs to the underground railway station. You will need a ticket for three zones of the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (or ask a clerk for a train ticket to Thalwil). Some of the trains leaving the airport stop in Thalwil. In that case you don't need to change trains in the Zürich Main Station. Some hourly express trains with final destination Luzern stop at Thalwil. The S-Bahn S2 with final destination Ziegelbrücke leaves the airport every 30 minutes and also stops in Thalwil.

Otherwise, catch any train from the airport to Main Station Zurich HB (local site map). They leave roughly every 10 minutes. Then transfer to one of the following trains which stop in Thalwil:

  • S-Bahn S2 with final destination Ziegelbrücke 
  • S-Bahn S8 with final destination Pfäffikon 
  • S-Bahn S21 with final destination Zug 
  • Any express train to Luzern and Zug (except Cisalpino) 

Some express trains to Chur stop in Thalwil. Check the timetable by entering From: Zurich airport, and To: Thalwil

After leaving the train in Thalwil, you need to take the stairs or elevator to the bridge and take a short walk to the upper center of Thalwil where the bus stop is located. Catch the local Bus #142. If you bought a three-zone ticket, it is valid on that bus, so you don't need to buy an additional ticket. Leave the bus at bus stop Böni, which is just in front of our building, named Silvergate. Please enter and notify the relevant department of your arrival at the electronic reception desk.