Giving people the chance to excel

At u-blox, we foster a culture that brings out the best in our people. We help them actively to develop their technical and leadership skills. In annual appraisals, we discuss and agree upon necessary training with the employees concerned and define individual objectives. Whenever possible, u-blox fills vacant management posts and key positions with in-house specialists. We strive to offer our employees a working environment that helps them to be more productive. This includes “ideas management”, which allows our engineers to spend five percent of their time coming up with innovative concepts.

The importance of being an attractive employer

u-blox aims to attract and retain talented personnel, and offers its employees attractive conditions. We are a fair and non-discriminatory employer and ensure that employees enjoy equal opportunities and equal treatment. Our workforce is very diverse, with employees from several countries. This fosters mutual respect and understanding.

Employee satisfaction is assessed in the course of annual performance review meetings. Performance, compensation and promotion are linked to strictly defined corporate and individual goals. Every other year, we conduct a detailed employee satisfaction survey, results of which indicate a clear and strong commitment to the company. We have a solid reputation as an attractive company to work for and have been named as one of Switzerland’s top 100 employers.

Getting the work/life balance right

We believe that striking a balance between employees’ life and work is key to their long-term well-being and motivation. We actively encourage balance by offering flexible working hours and work/pay/holiday programs together with a sabbatical after five years’ tenure with the company. In Switzerland, employees team up for an annual “bike-to-work” event.

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